Could Your Property Have Termites?

Find out from the results of a termite inspection in Orlando, FL

Termites can tear through wood before you notice the infestation. To avoid investing in a property with termites, you can hire A-1 Home Inspection Services to complete a termite inspection. We can also search for carpenter ants.

We inspect residential and commercial properties in Orlando, FL, and you can get a free subterranean and dry-wood termite inspection if you schedule a full property inspection. For a free estimate on inspection services, call 407-721-5329 now.

What can we do if we find termites?

If we find termites on a property that you already own, the termite exterminators at our other company, A1 Home Pest Control, can fix the problem.

You’ll be glad you hired us for termite control services because:

  • We’ll use the trusted Hex-Pro termite baiting system (formerly called Sentricon)
  • Your new termite baiting system will provide excellent termite protection
  • You’ll get ongoing termite monitoring, control, and extermination services

Plus, you can rest assured that we’re fully licensed for termite inspections. Reach out to us now to speak with a termite exterminator or inspector.